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Benefits of implementing Open Badges in your organisation

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Open Badges for your organisation

We already described the nature of the specific type of digital accreditation that is an Open Badge and mentioned the numerous advantages that it represents for the individuals (learners, trainees, employees or volunteers) that are rewarded with them.

Open Badges provide:

  • Recognition for acquiring new skills (reskill and upskill)
  • Ability to demonstrate competences and the mastery of skills in a particular area
  • Assurance that the skills represented have been validated by a third party
  • Open and Digital Badges are the perfect medium to display soft skills (ex: collaboration, entrepreneurial thinking or communication)

Digital and Open Badges for Your Organisation

Now begs the question of what this can do for your organisation?

In terms of applications, sky’s the limit really when it comes to Open Badges. Let’s see rapidly below what this can do for you depending of your organisation type.

You are a company in the private sector

What about motivating your teams by implementing an Open Badge ecosystem that will reward your best employees! We would talk here about · Achievement-based digital Badges that will acknowledge professional’s accomplishments of employees.

Competency-based digital badges prove the employee’s ability in any specific competences acquired through a specific project of your company or even internalo training.

You may also have an internal training program that you want to digitally accredit. Open Badges are the perfect fit for this. Your employees can then display their badges in their email signatures or LinkedIn profiles in order to demonstrate their new acquired competences. This is good for them and this is an awesome way to promote your brand too! We would refer of Internship-based digital badges, recognising the specific job-related skills acquired during an internship.


You are a school or a training organisation

Training or Course-based Open Badges : Implement Open Badges to accredit the formal training of your students but also their informal learning! 

And what about your training staff? You can indeed reward their hard work and initiatives by specific Open Badges that will be an important markers of their career development

You are a non-for-profit organisation or a NGO

Well here again, Open Badges are the ideal way to reward your volunteers for their hard work! Learning happens anywhere and everywhere! Your volunteers develop specific competences in their actions for your organisation, it is time to recognise and accredit them!

The most important takeaway here is that your organisation delivering Digital and Open Badges is always a win-win situation: for the person who gets the badge, this means a formal digital recognition of skills and/or achievement that can boost their career, for the organisation delivering the badge, it participates greatly to motivate your teams and to promote your brand.

Who is using Open Badges?

An increasing number of public and private organisations, from universities to large companies are implementing their Digital or Open Badge accreditation system in order to notably reinforce a culture of life-long learning and developments among their staff. 

IBM, Microsoft, Accenture or Salesforce have already joined the Digital Accreditation world. But no need to be a multinational company to implement Open Badges! Open Badges are Open Source and very agile in nature, allowing organisation of all types and all sizes to benefit from them!

Please have a look to some case studies demonstrating how Webiwant implemented an Open Badge ecosystem with some of our clients.

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