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“An Open Badge, often referred as a Digital Badge, is a form of Digital Accreditation. Learn all about this very useful digital tool!”

What is an
Open Badge?

Open Badges are digital certifications that indicate an individual has acquired a certain skill, completed a training program or made a specific achievement. They can be displayed on websites and online resumes, and shared on social media platforms: Learn more

Benefits for
your organisation

Open Badges are typically awarded by organisations, and the criteria for earning a badge vary depending on the badge issuer. For example, a badge might be awarded for completing a course, attending an event, or demonstrating proficiency in a certain skill. Open Badges offer many benefits for organisations: Learn more

Check out
our case studies

Webiwant has extensive experience in implementing Open Badges on behalf of organisations. Our case studies show the benefits that Open Badges can bring to individuals, organisations, and society as a whole: Learn more

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