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Open Badges

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Open Badges

What is an Open Badge?

An Open Badge, often referred as a Digital Badge, is a form of Digital Accreditation.

In 2011, The Mozilla Foundation initiated the development an open technical standard called Open Badges to create and build a common system for the
issuance, collection, and display of digital badges on multiple instructional sites.

Open Badges are connected, verifiable credentials represented in portable image files, with embedded metadata about skills and achievements.

They comply with the Mozilla Open Badges Standards and are shareable across the web (Social Media, e-Portfolio, Blogs or Online CVs).

In other words, an Open Badge is a form of digital certification that recognise and verify learning, skills and achievements. Open Badges connect the badge earners and issuers through a shared ecosystem, which allows issuers to validate the achievements of earners. Open Badges can be displayed on websites, resumes, and portfolios. Open Badges are easily shareable on social networks such as LinkedIn, and they provide recognition for a broader range of learning experiences. Open Badges also provide a way for issuers to give credit for Informal and Lifelong learning experiences.

Open Badge offers a way to certify achievement that is flexible, portable, and recognisable.

There is Data inside each Open Badge:

Open Badge Anatomy

How Open Badges Work ?

You Earn

earning Open Badges

Learning happens everywhere!

Open Badges can be issued by an organisation delivering training or willing to recognise individuals’ skills, competencies or achievements. Open Badges are evidence-based: Information including who issued the badge and the skills, competencies or achievements is hard coded as metadata.

You Store

Storing Open Badges

Digital Bank Accounts for Skills, Competencies and Achievements

Open Badges are portable, meaning that the earner of a Badge owns their record of Skills, Competencies and Achievements.
To that end, Open Badge earners use online central applications called Open Badges Backpacks, that can be compared to Digital Bank Accounts for their Badges.

You Share

Sharing Open Badges

Unlock New Opportunities

Open Badge earners share and display their Open Badges on social media (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc.), e-Portfolios or CVs.
Earners are in control and make visible Open Badges of their choice, building their own ecosystem of Skills, Competencies and Achievements.

Open Badges represent powerful tools, making it possible to make visible qualities and skills that traditional certifications and credentials do not yet know how to measure. 

Benefits of Open Badges for your organisation

Open Badges provide an easy way for organisations to identify potential candidates for jobs or promotions, as well as to provide recognition for employees who have gone above and beyond. Open Badges can also help to build a sense of community and pride within an organisation. Implementing Open Badges can help to create a more positive and productive work environment, as well as helping to attract and retain top talent.

Open Badges can offer your organisation a number of benefits, including:

  • Recognising and rewarding employees for their skills and achievements
  • Encouraging employees to develop new skills
  • Enhancing your organisation’s reputation
  • Attracting new talent to your organisation.

If you’re looking for a way to recognise and reward your employees’ skills and achievements, then Open Badges are a great option for you. By awarding employees with badges for their skills and accomplishments, you can encourage them to keep developing new abilities, which can only benefit your organisation as a whole.

What’s more, enhancing your organisation’s reputation in this way can also help attract new talent. So why not explore the possibilities of Open Badges today?

Please see here for more details on how Open Badges can benefit your organisation.

More about Open Badges

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